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24 Fun Facts About Anita On Her 24th Birthday!


1. Anita is EXTREMELY non-confrontational.

2. If you want to make her happy all you have to do is give her anything with her favorite cartoon character:

3. Despite her size, Anita can consume an unnatural amount of food. She once inhaled 5 large burritos on all you can eat burrito night.

4. Her life motto is: If it’s free, it’s for me!

5. Math is just not her thing.

6. Anita loves water activities. Unfortunately she can’t swim.

7. Her full name is Anita Ashley Anim.

8. Her middle name is in fact NOT Ashley. It’s something else that I promised I’d never say. But here’s a hint:

9. She knows how to hold her liquor.

10. She LOVES sloths.

11. In undergrad she made me take her art class for her. No one noticed. She got an A.

12. Her life revolves around teaching people how to eat better. #nutritionist #RD2B #WIC

13. She was raised in a strict African household. #GodBlessYouChild

14. She sings this song once a year. ONLY ONCE A YEAR!

15. The girl can drink tequila like it’s water. 

16. She’s a die-hard Penn State fan and alumna.

17. She’s shy at first, but once you get to know her you realize she’s actually a psychopath.

    *at first*

    *an hour later*

18. Her favorite color is black. She has to make a conscious effort to ensure that she doesn’t wear all black everyday.

19. She once ate an entire box of gushers in under 10 minutes. #NoLie

20. She used to wear a back brace for her scoliosis.

21. She was once screamed at by Wiz Khalifa.

22. She loves everything with cheese. She’s also lactose intolerant.

23. There’s nothing in this world that scares her more than this little guy:

24. But most importantly she’s the bestest, funniest, most loyal friend anyone could ever ask for.


18th Aug 2014 (3:20 pm) - By tear-ree

The interaction between me and every 2L that leaves the library:

Them: last one tomorrow?


Them: Sweetwater right after?